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Research team about the analysis and creation of contemporary AudioVisual and Performing cultural contents.

The main objective of this research group is the analysis and production of content in the context of the intersections between artistic disciplines and technologies. The members of the Group so far have highlighted for their academic and professional careers in relation to the production and analysis of audiovisual and performing arts, as well as with their teaching in these fields. Collaboration among scientists who analyzed production methods and  the professionals that are encharge of the production of contents is one of the specific characteristics of the team.

Areas of Research:

  1. PEDAGOGIES OF THE ARTS: The research will focous on the analyze and investigation of new ways of teaching the arts. In this case, driven by the head of studies of this degree and the experinece of the implementation of the curriculum of Bachelor in Performance Arts in EU ERAM. For this reason, the development of the research goes in parallel with the implementation of the studies.
  2. Intertextuality BETWEEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND PERFORMING ARTS: This research will settle in areas that encompass the whole world of the performing arts (theater, dance, film and television) and aloso all those disciplines related to the latest innovations in audiovisual and multimedia.
  3. Analysis and production of audiovisual content: This line will have the aim to analyse audiovisual productions and its historical political, artistic and social context. The researchers aims to cover the analysis of a wide variety of audiovisual products, from speech analysis, to mass production and finally, the impact on the audience.

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