Aire Fresco


Aire Fresco is a transmedia project been the subject of group projects 4th Audiovisual and Multimedia.
The project is based on a short film as its focus where it counts forced to a stop on a family trip. Is a family of six characters, where each member was his and where the reason for the trip is an opportunity to strengthen ties.

The project is complemented by an interactive game: fresh air 8 bits, a Spotify list of family members and a website.




Terenci Corominas, Pere Puigbert , Jordi Caralt , David Gimbernat , Isadora Guardia , Arnau Gifreu


Laura Soler, Pau Ensesa, Antoni Bach, Núria Casadevall, Fran Martín, Laura Pinilla, Jordina Roura, Àlex Vicente, Gemma Sirvent