Animal hero


Animal Hero is a transmedia project composed by different platforms where the user can interact with each of their parts. The main nucleus is a therapeutic video game aimed at strengthening and improving certain cognitive abilities in children with Down Syndrome (SD) and promoting a more creative and fun way to learn.

The Animal Hero Saga is a world where most of the population has migrated to another planet due to a deadly virus that only affects humans. Hero is a boy who returns to earth with his spaceship to retrieve his pet, Axel, who stayed behind when all went.

Porque jugando también se aprende [In playing you can also learn] is a documentary that wants to convey to viewers the illusion that children live when they play, and how, thanks to Serious Games, children can learn while they do it. In addition, Animal Hero offers a saga of children's stories, so that children enjoy the adventures of Hero.


Media and platforms

- Video game (Kinect)
- Documentary
- Children's story
- Mobile tablet game
- Web page
- Merchandising


- Winner of the European Youth Award in the Smart Learning category 2016
- Santander YUZZ Girona Prize (2017)
- Finalist YUZZ Mujer Contest (woman) 2017
- Special mention to the CPAC awards (2016)
- Selected project for the University Pitching (Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia, 1st edition, 2015)




Terenci Corominas, Xavier Pérez , Jordi Caralt , Isadora Guardia , Dani Trujillo , Arnau Gifreu


Anna Vila-clara, Vanessa Pujol, Yolanda Peregrín, Sílvia Quera, Alba Bosacoma


El projecte ANIMAL HERO guanya la beca anual Bifrutas valorada en 20.000€

El projecte Animal Hero Universe guanya el premi d’emprenedoria Santander YUZZ Girona

El projecte Animal Hero finalista als premis CPAC

Animal Hero guardonat a la categoria de Smart Learning dels EYA (European Youth Awards)

El projecte 'Animal Hero, porque jugando también se aprende' seleccionat pel Pitching Audiovisual 20

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