"Between Worlds" final project in photography - Carlos Gil



Description of the project author, Carles Gil:

All of us, as everything around us, including own planet, the sun and the stars are temporary, impermanent. Between Worlds has as theme the interaction between the real and the dreamlike experience a dramatic and shocking fact.

My pictures speak provisional and loss, the emptiness of life and death itself. They try to embarrass the audience and wake you at the same time a certain attraction. Photos are disturbing. They have people sunk, sunk in pain and distress, or in transit to death. They deal with extreme situations as a result of having experienced a disappointment, a sudden loss or tragedy.

Between worlds reminiscent of the old phantasmagoria, images created by the pioneers of the three-dimensional, incorporating visions of spirits in their performances. Aims to explore the viewer in a world spectrum, a new dimension beyond space-time known and stimulate their imagination with a strong visual impact.

As author tries to show my own vision without depriving the viewer to make reading other images. I chose to work with anaglyph to harness the magic realism of 3D.




Diego Espada


Carles Gil