"El color de agosto"


The overall aim of the project is to demonstrate the capability and functionality narrative symbolism of color in film and meet director has the means to put it in their favor. The realization of a short film, The Color Agosto and his plani cation depending on the color in all its stages is used to display the color's ability to practice. Differ- ent theories of color have exhibited their symbolism and is the basis on which this study is elevated. Through the analysis of twenty films where the use of color is remarkable - both films varied types like techniques-, wanted to find a uni every practice on the use of colorimetry in the narrative. First, we analyze the intentions of the director and the symbolism of colorimetry. Then exposed the use of color in art direction and photography of the film, and finally explains the image processing achieved with the grading. Later applied all the knowledge extracted from the analysis in the artistic processes of preproduction of the film. Being a part of itself could conduct a comprehensive treatment of all the visual elements that make up the image. This was an essential factor for ensuring the cohesion of color throughout the short and to treat it with utmost care. Normally, when an art director or etalonador receives a project, most of the elements that make history come as defaults. It has very little room to create beyond the aesthetic factors. In previous work filming has strengthened cohesion and the use of color in management, PICTURE and art in order to obtain maximum performance grading, the last phase of postproduction. In conclusion, the work takes us into the world of color in film analyzes all the layers that form during production. The main objective is to understand how to make good use of color to give intentionality in narrative history.




Marc Plana


Gina Mills