FLAT DESIGN SOUL. Secondary characters


Research and investigation of different kinds of characters who can be found in the film world and create graphical and animated.

This project is based on a study and research on two-dimensional animation. This includes research into its origins and its bases to get to understand the animation of today, the first devices that were created and became the precursors of animation, as well as the analysis of importance of the figure of the characters who appear in the film world and the way they are represented and characterized. However, the work will include the conceptualization, creation and development of a series of short animations done with a graphic style very particular with the aim of proposing an analysis of the films and the secondary characters. Therefore a join research in the field of design focusing on graphic style known as Flat Design, where he analyzed where it originated, what have been the main features and what applications it contains. The iconic representation of various films transformed into iconographic illustrations of these secondary characters, whose main objective is the identification and association with the corresponding film for the viewer, causing a reflection on the role of the actor secondary.




Jordi Márquez


Mireia Riera