"Lata de sardinas"


Lata de Sardinas, a documentary that talks about the relation between species and questioning the consequences of human superiority over others.



Lata de Sardinas is a transmedia project that talks about respect between species questioning the consequences caused by human superiority. Combining multimedia and audiovisual languages. This project is developed through various platforms to guide the viewer in an immersive experience. A comic made with augmented reality, a board game and a documentary will be the pillars to mention the fact that many animals live in captivity


Media and platforms

Documentary. This is the main focus of the project. The documentary is about the cetaceans in captivity in the Zoo. This theme helps us not to talk about all the captive animals.




Terenci Corominas, Pere Puigbert , Jordi Caralt , David Gimbernat , Isadora Guardia , Arnau Gifreu


Nidia Andrea Martín, Anna Isabel Espinosa, Jordi Clopés, Alejandro Maestra, Valeri Ballester, Marta Montaño, Maria Dolors Moncayola, Judit Capell