LIA is a project created in the course Transmedia Project, created by nine students of 4th Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia University School ERAM.



LIA spend their lives locked herself for a face complicated situations and inevitable. Will make a call to realize As you leave your room.


Media and platforms

Apart from the audiovisual short, this project also have used other platforms: a web platform that consisted of a teaser interactive information short and extra content such as a bath 360o Lia, cards down or illustrated content. Other platforms used were: an interactive installation, mapping and virtual reality in a physical space.




Terenci Corominas, Pere Puigbert , Jordi Caralt , David Gimbernat , Isadora Guardia , Arnau Gifreu


Eudald Rovira, Marc de la Fuente, Marta Viña, Marc Carreres, Julià Pujol, Carla Font, Aniol Torrents, Pau Horta, Idoia Iriarte