Mevent project


Mevent is a project group of subjects 4th Audiovisual and Multimedia.

It is a company that handles creatively promote other companies. To do so using three different platforms; on the one hand have mevent (characters decontextualized that viralitzen that through appearances promoting events. On the other hand, have an event where participants struggle to gain the prize that the company has provided, and finally, an application where you have to move forward to achieve the ultimate prize. All this adapted to the company for whom you work.

Media and platforms

  • website
  • app
  • event
  • promotion
  • videos
  • Social Networks




Terenci Corominas, Pere Puigbert , Jordi Caralt , David Gimbernat , Isadora Guardia , Arnau Gifreu


Josep Cuberes, Miquel Salvador Alzina, Pol Amado, Mariona Escriu, Salvador Maynou, Maria Roca, Sara Cabarrocas, Maria Badia