"Ningún nombre"


"Ningún Nombre" is a crossmedia project composed of some audiovisual and other multimedia.



The video is the basis on which claims the entire project. It is a short drama-thriller style. The action takes place in the middle of a forest and narrates the situation that when a man is burying the corpse of the killer of his son. The audiovisual work is characterized by a strong emotional content and incorporate controversial issues related to morality and ethics.

The multimedia part of the project is based on building a world around the film. This enables total immersion of the viewer that goes far beyond the simple display of the audiovisual work. The aim is to make the user is a participant of the project and can interact in various ways.


Media and platforms

Ningún number crossmedia project is divided into a part that broadcasting is a central part of a short film and multimedia formed by various platforms; including a forum and an interactive game.




Terenci Corominas, Pere Puigbert , Jordi Caralt , David Gimbernat , Isadora Guardia , Arnau Gifreu


Nuria Perez, Raquel Isern, Berta Font, Miriam Seguí, Pol Masvidal, Cristina Ruiz, Judith Mallet, Saioa Arroyo, Albert Estany, Ferran Higueruelo