The Rising Cyborg


"The Rising Cyborg" project is a final project whose main element creating a 3D character called Baransu. The creation of a 3D world to open a large field of possibilities. Its narrative leads us into the world of character and we will reach the deepest point of origin and a character's life. The project aims to convey a duality between good and evil according to some starting points for the creation of an anti-hero with a concrete path to follow its conversió- the project moving in a fictional world which revolves within a philosophical or cultural field is based in the psychological environment of a character consumed by good and evil. This project explores the realization 3D because the chances are higher to create a fictional world, without the need to require lots of resources for real development. The main idea is based the development of a world character Baransu creating a tone, style and atmosphere of the particular project. After a realization with 3D modeling, animation and textures specific promotional videos generated by the project could be distributed and sold.




Terenci Corominas


Joan Congost