Leonor Castro Aguiló

Creator, performer and BA in Philosophy from the UB. He began his training as an actress in 1992 until 1996 Estudi Nancy Tuñón (Stanivslaski / Strasberg), and in dance in 1996 making contact with various techniques and contemporary artists: Benoit Lachambre, Zaporah Ruth, Mark Tompkins, Lisa Nelson, Mary Muñoz, Andrés Corchero DD Dovilier, July Hamilton among others. He founded the Collective SIAMB (1999-2003) dedicated to improvisation on Contact Improvisation and performance. She works as an actress for TVE / TV3 / TVC and the National Theatre of Catalonia between 1998-2004. As a dancer began his professional career in 1998 with Cia Senza Tempo, continuing the company Sol Picó and Konic Thtr intermittently and the Cia. LaViuda since 2002. His collaboration with Mal Pelo begins in 2004 and since then develops work as interpreter and assistant director collaborations in the direction for the company, in addition to actively participating in the the project of the Centre for Creation animal back. During this period he began his own creative research stage presenting pieces Amadou (2009) and Olivia (2012). He has made creations from the direction of movement and staging Management in collaboration with Hermann Bonnin, from 2008 to the present, for the Teatro Español and Madrid for the National Theatre of Catalonia and by the Seca / Space Rubbish. He works as an assistant director with the company loscorderos.sc in smaller pieces Evil (2010) / El cielo de los Tristes (2011) / Ultrainocencia (2013). Since 2013 he works as a director and editor audiovisual Fromzero.